Yahoo SMTP Mail Takes Slow Boat to China (or wherever your mail is going)

I’ve been having an intermittent problem with Yahoo for the better part of a year. Every once it a while, mail sent from Outlook using the Yahoo SMTP service that comes with my paid Yahoo Plus subscription would take hours, and in a few cases DAYS to reach their destination. I thought that this was a problem with my setup and since the mails eventually got there, I didn’t feel like taking the time to be frustrated by Yahoo customer service.

Poking around on the Internet, I’ve now found several others who have had the same problem with their SMTP service. — Yesterday I sent a series of test emails from Outlook and they took over 16 hours to reach their destination — that is to say that it took more than half a day for my Yahoo account to email ITSELF. Yahoo has somewhat addressed the problem but with no ETA on a fix and no real visible effort to troubeshoot the problem, it would seem that the millions of users who depend on their Yahoo SMTP service will be forced to log into Yahoo webmail and send their vital email from there instead of their application of choice.

Microsoft… are you SURE you want to buy this company?

One thought on “Yahoo SMTP Mail Takes Slow Boat to China (or wherever your mail is going)

  1. I too have been experiencing problems with BT Yahoo for over a year and I use Outlook as my email programme. I have even lost work opportunities because my replies to emails have been not been delivered. When I first tried to find out why this was happening, I received a reluctant confession that when there was work being carried out on the server, emails could be lost and there would be not way of knowing this (unless of course you phoned to find out if there was any problem with the server, I guess!). The solution I was offered was to always attach a read receipt. I tried this, but hardly ever received one back as most people probably use the preview panel in Outlook to read their emails and don’t open it fully. I am at the end of my tether with these delivery problems, I am now looking for another ISP. I have been checking on comparison of customer service rather than price on Uswitch and hope this will be a reliable way to find a better Broadband service than BT Yahoo can offer.

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