Speck giveaway! Contest ending soon…

Alrighty folks, a few weeks ago I started our first CareerByte column with an article sharing interview bloopers made by other people. In it, I offered a Speck product giveaway: a shiny new cover for the Apple product of your choice if you are picked as the person with the most embarrassing moment before, during, or after an interview. Come on! It’s all in good fun and you can remain anonymous if you would prefer. All you need to do is comment below, email me your story at melanie@thetechstop.net, or tweet me at www.twitter.com/kewlgirl. Don’t forget to tell me what Speck product you’re craving for and what color! Last day to turn in your story: this Friday, as in August 1st! Winner will be announced early next week. Good luck!

BTW, if you missed the article, check out the link above.

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