Man beaten, arrested for Trespassing… on HIS OWN PROPERTY

From Valley News: According to the one-paragraph statement, Hartford police found an “unknown male subject on the third floor” of a Stony Creek townhome who was taken into “temporary custody” before paramedics treated him for a known medical condition.

The unknown male subject found in the home? He was actually the 34-year-old African-American who owns the home and has lived there for four years.

And the part about taking him into temporary custody?

Hartford police neglected to say that in the process he was: blasted with pepper spray; struck with a nightstick; handcuffed, wrapped in a blanket and hauled — naked — out of his home, according to a neighbor and what the man says police later told him. When the neighbor tried to tell cops that the handcuffed man on the pavement was the homeowner — not a burglar — he said he was threatened with arrest for interfering in police business.

The victim — I don’t know how else to describe someone who has undergone such an ordeal — is Wayne Burwell, a 1998 Dartmouth graduate and standout track athlete. He’s a personal trainer who works with many high school and college athletes. A framed photo of one of his clients is displayed in the office of his small gym. The picture shows Ben Lovejoy, a former Dartmouth hockey player, hoisting the Stanley Cup trophy while playing for the 2009 NHL champion Pittsburgh Penguins. “Wayne, thanks for everything,” wrote Lovejoy.

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