Time to get back on the horse… errr, blog… Horseblog

TTS was once my passion. It was how I got into tech reporting way back when – at the turn of the millennium. At the height of its popularity, TheTechStop garnered more than 150k visitors a month and was a great way for me to show off my craft, but then TWiT happened.

To be clear, that’s a good thing. I found a way for me to create content without having to worry about ALL the details of getting it out to the world… and to be sure, my time creating content for TheTechStop.net is THE reason why I fit in well at TWiT.

Which is why I’m now ready to give this another go. I’ve cleared the old database and purged the old site. I wanted a fresh go at creating my own personal presence on the Internet, free from what has come before me and ready to take advantage of what I’ve learned.

You’ll see a lot of the content that I make for TWiT. In fact, that’s probably going to be the lion’s share of what you see on TTS, but you’ll also get my musings and rantings on everything from tech to faith to politics, and a few things in-between.

Sooooo… let’s go!